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As one of the top lubricant companies in the UAE, Spear Lubricants develops sustainable oils and greases to keep the world moving forward and protect the environment. We focus on the sectors Automotive, Commercial, Industrial, Agriculture and Marine.

Premium Lubricant with Enhanced Protection & Performance

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Our Quality

As a Lubricant oil manufacturer in the UAE, Spear Lubricants develops and commercializes advanced quality Lubricant products that are globally competitive. We use our experience to formulate and turn raw materials and additives into new premium products using modern technology.

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Powerful Performance

The Spear Lubricant Company in UAE supplies differential lubricants. Lubrication, fuel efficiency, and corrosion protection are all guaranteed by our products. Providing efficient results and high-quality solutions is our top priority.

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Innovative Technology

For Spear Lubricants in UAE, innovation is essential to delivering the best gear oil to our valued customers. Using high end additives and formulations, our professionals follow global innovations.

Technology We Use | Spear lubricants in UAE?

In today's dynamic business environment, innovation through a sustained process of Research & Development (D&D) is the only cutting edge tool for organizations to thrive. With emphasis on development and speedy commercialization of globally competitive products, processes and technologies, the focus has now shifted from R∧D to RD&D (Research, Development & Deployment). It's our chemists, physicists, engineers, tribologists, testing and application engineers , analyst and production experts who work together to provide ever new, excellent results.


Spear Lubricants

As the lubricant oil manufacturers in UAE, we are committed to providing our customers with the latest lubricants formulas, using packaging that is unique and that meets the requirements for oil change shops and industry.


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